Certified Operator Services

  1. Disinfection Systems
    We can install a Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection system if required by ADEQ/MCESD or as another tool that will help ensure that you are providing safe drinking water to your users. We also routinely service the disinfection system to ensure that it's operating efficiently.
  2. New Source Approvals
    Any new water source is required to take a very large set of water quality samples and complete ATC/AOC applications. We have the experience with this process to make sure the water quality sampling is done correctly and also manage the ATC/AOC process with the engineer and ADEQ/MCESD.
  3. FHA/VA/HUD Loan Certification
    These types of home loans require water quality analysis for private wells and shared wells prior to closing. We will take the necessary water quality samples and inspect the water system to ensure it meets minimum standards of construction.
  4. Consulting Services
    We are available to do a system walk through checking for any deficiencies and corrections needed prior to ADEQ/MCESD sanitary surveys. As well as assistance with any plans and/or applications.
  5. Consumer Confidence Reports
    Community Water Systems are required to submit and distribute an annual water quality report. We will create, complete and submit the annual report to ADEQ on your behalf.
  6. O&M Inspections
    We are present at all ADEQ/MCESD inspections to represent the PWS and to ensure there are no compliance issues. Prior to any inspection we preform a detailed check of the system for issues that can be corrected before an inspection.