Certified Operator Services​ 

  • We are full time and fully insured remote operators.
  • We have the experience and the expertise to get the job done.
  • We work with Public Water Systems of all types and sizes, Transient Non-Community (TNC), Non-Transient Non-Community (NTNC) & Community Water Systems (CWS).
  • We currently manage Public Water Systems ranging from very small RV parks to large corporations and Federal contracts.      

Arizona Public Water System Compliance

Water Quality Sampling

Reporting & Record Keeping

Monthly Inspection

We customize each sampling schedule in accordance with ADEQ required sampling, as well as additional sampling specific to the needs of each individual system. We have experience with all different types of contaminant sampling.
We handle all sample result reporting to ADEQ each month and provide customer copies for onsite record keeping. Additionally, we will create any plans (e.g. RTCR MSSP, Stage 2 DBP) & reports (e.g. MRDL, Public Notices) needed for the Public Water System.  
Each month we will look over all of the water system components to identify any problems or possible problems and notify you of anything we find. This helps to ensure the proper operation & maintenance of the water system and safe drinking water distribution.  

Regulatory Agencies

NSF 60 Chlorine

Customer Service

Over the years we have developed an excellent working relationship with the drinking water regulatory agencies (ADEQ/ MCESD), this provides you with the best representation on your behalf when compliance issues arise.
Where needed we can provide NSF 60 Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) & NSF 60 Calcium Hypochlorite (chlorine tabs). NSF 60 approved chemicals are the only chemicals accepted to treat drinking water.
We strive to offer the best possible customer service experience. We promptly respond to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Public Water System.
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